The word “Molasses” is used to cover a variety of products in the sugar industry. Molasses is a direct product of sugar cane and is in no way a by-product of any sugar manufacturing process. Molasses is an excellent source of iron, calcium, and vitamin B and serves as a great energy food.

Types of Molasses

  1. Fancy Molasses – also known as Gold Star, when used in baking, the results are a light colored, sweet product, also good as a topping on bread, biscuits, and crackers.
  1. Lite Molasses – contains 40% less sugar than our Fancy Molasses. Recipes made with         Light Molasses have a subtle flavor and are lighter in color. Cookies are slightly softer           while breads are more crusty. Light molasses comes from the first boiling of the sugar.
  2.  Cooking Molasses – is a blend of Fancy and Blackstrap Molasses. The use of Cooking            Molasses results in a darker, less sweet baked product (great for ginger snaps).

  3.  Unsulphured Molasses – has the best flavor, is made from sun-ripened cane which has        grown 12-15 months.

  4.  Blackstrap Molasses – is a direct byproduct of the sugar making process, it is dark and         has a slightly bitter, robust flavor. The thick dark brown liquid obtained from the                   refining of sugar cane is commonly referred to as “Blackstrap Molasses.” Some of it’s             more common uses is in the production of industrial alcohol and feeding livestock.

There are several comments I would like to make here. I feel like molasses is an acquired taste (much like coffee or beer). With that being said, we are not talking about gingersnap cookies or molasses cookies that have only a 1/4 of a cup or less of molasses and a ton of sugar to balance out the flavor. I’m saying you grew up eating molasses in many types of food (including pie).  Unfortunately, (at least in the area I live) I can not get (level 1-3) molasses so I am limited to level 4 which is extremely strong. I did research level 1 molasses and you can buy it on Amazon. I am not sure I am willing to put forth that much effort when there are 100s of other pies I would rather eat. Just my opinion.