How it Works…ratings are on a scale of 1-5

1 = Awful, I wouldn’t feed it too my pig

2 = I’m glad there’s whip cream

3 = Grocery store pie

4 = Mmmm really good

5 = I’ve died and gone to heaven

Rated on the following:

  • Crust
  • Filling
  • Overall Flavor

I will not reveal the pie name until after the critiques have been sent to me. 

Pie Lab’s critics (will hopefully) be the same people throughout this process. Get to know them. Perhaps you will be able to relate to one of them and follow their critiques.

The critics are only human. They may be allergic to a specific ingredient or be sick or out of town. During those times, I will write why they have not made a critique for the week. No fear….they will be back the next week (fingers crossed).