Blogging was not around the first 30 years of my life. Back in the old days, blogging could be compared to a  review about something. Usually the person writing this review was a professional in the field. Since then, blogging has changed how we share, teach and learn information.  Today, bloggers are not necessarily professionals; many are ordinary people who want to share what they’ve been impressed by, or things that have changed their lives.

How did I get here?  At first, with some trepidation, I consulted my friends about being a blogger. Their first question was invariably, why? My answer felt like a jumbled up 1,000 piece puzzle scattered on the floor. Every time I pitched the idea, I would slowly pick up a piece to the puzzle, until I was able to pinpoint the “why” part of my blog.  I realize it was three events that happened to me within a month that led me to create this project.

First, over the summer I participated in a roleplay site. Within this site, there are hundreds of plots you can write for. Once you choose a plot, you create a character profile. Then with other writers you collaborate on a storyline that supports the plot. I love this process. Not only did my writing improve, but it also fills a void I have when I’m not writing. Unfortunately, the story lines never last long enough; and I’m left wanting to write more.

Secondly, my husband believes we live on this vast farm. Through the years he has cultivate an enormous dwarf orchard which provides not only enough produce for us but also for ALL our neighbors, friends and family. In reality, we live on an average-sized city lot. Nevertheless, we pick buckets and buckets of pears, cherries, apples, kiwi, plums and figs.

Sadly, when I make pies from our abundance the only people around to eat it…is us.  Let’s be honest, when was the last time pie was listed in any diet?  Unfortunately, I resigned myself to this fact, and decided pies were only for special occasions.  For weeks I stewed over that idea. I asked myself  why it had to be that way; then slowly the wheels starting turning and Pie Lab became a twinkle in my eye.

Thirdly, for probably the fourth time I watched the movie “Julie and Julia” on television. I marvel at how Julie takes upon herself the challenge of cooking every recipe (524 to be exact) from Julia Child’s “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” cook book, all in one year. No matter her obstacles she preservers; for years I have secretly admired Julie. I’ve often wished I had the courage to do what she did. With that thought Pie Lab got its first breath.

Here we are…..I hope you enjoy the journey.